Rubber Fab manufactures Q-Line, I-Line, Burst Disc, and Clamp style gaskets as required for Evergreen® fillers molded in FDA compliant and 3A approved compounds. Standard and optional compounds include EPDM in white or black, FKM, Silicone, and PTFE for challenging aseptic applications.



Part No.Description
RF554032440IH-1" I-Line-Buna (Black)
RF554032540IH-1.5" I-Line-Buna (Black)
RF554032640IH-200 I-Line-Buna
RF554032740IH-250 I-Line-Buna
RF554032840IH-300 I-Line-Buna
RF554032940IH-400 I-Line-Buna
RF5540332Large Flat Gasket
RF55403981" x 1.5" 40 IH Gasket
RF554039940QH-100,1" Q-Line-Buna
RF554040040QH-150, 1.5" Q-Line-Buna
RF55415701.5" 40MPSFY FKM Gasket
RF55415712" 40MPSFY FKM Gasket
RF554172540IE-W-150 I-Line-EPDM
RF554172640IE-W-200 I-Line-EPDM
RF554172740IE-W-250 I-Line-EPDM
RF554172840IE-W-300 I-Line-EPDM
RF554192440IE-100 I-Line -EPDM
RF5541954Gasket Silicone
RF5541959Gasket Silicone
RF5541960Gasket Silicone