• protective hose covers

    The Armor Casing feature is a highly flexible, heavy duty metal casing which protects the hose against rough handling and over bending. Armor can be applied over the entire length or on short sections at the connection.

  • fire-proof hose

    Continuous: -65˚F to 500˚F
    Intermittent: -65˚F to 2000˚F

    UL-73, NFPA-250, ASTM-E84

  • TEMPERATURE: -65˚F to 275˚F

    Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing provides easy cleaning of the outer hose surface and is extremely beneficial in applications where cleanliness is essential, such as food and pharmaceutical processes.

  • The clear silicone cover provides protection during extreme environmental exposure and ease of cleanability when over a braided stainless steel hose. Also serves as a "to the touch" thermal insulator.

  • hose protective casing

    The Spring Guard is used to prolong the life of hose lines exposed to rugged operating conditions, such as severe flexing. Spring Guard prevents kinking and protects against abrasion.

  • 304 Stainless Steel braided sleeving for hoses provides protection against temperature and abrasion. Available to go over 1/2"-4" hose.

  • Rubber Fab's Hose Donuts are collars for the outer surface of a silicone hose.