Golden Bridge Hose Support System in Beverage Manufacturing

A well-known consumer beverage manufacturer had implemented Rubber Fab’s FDA rubber hoses to transfer liquids and to load and unload from storage tanks. Each hose assembly was fit for purpose and fully compliant, however, they were regularly dragged throughout the production area leading to extensive wear and tear.
With the highly flexible layout of the manufacturing process, the customer needed to have the ability to move the FDA rubber hoses as needed. Thus, Rubber Fab’s Golden Bridge Hose Support System was implemented to:
  • Elevate the hoses off the floor, keeping it clean
  • Reduce wear and tear on the cover
  • Prevent damage to the sanitary end connections
  • Prevent damming during wash downs, allowing cleaning solutions and wash water to reach the floor drain
Learn more about the Golden Bridge Hose Support System and how the manufacturer’s processes saw tremendous improvements.
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