GYLON® BIO-PRO PLUS™ Sanitary Gaskets in Oncology Injectables Manufacturing

An oncology injectables manufacturer was struggling with a very short life time of gaskets installed in tri-clamp connections. All connections had to be re-tightened after every SIP cycle and exchanged after 3 cycles.
Due to strict cleanability and sterilizability protocols, only pure PTFE gaskets without any additives, fillers or pigments could be approved for the process-line. With very high density and low porosity, Rubber Fab's GYLON® BIO-PRO PLUS™ sanitary gaskets were installed. Their implementation led to significant increases in gasket lifetime and 4 additional product batches per month previously lost to frequent gasket replacements and re-torqueing efforts.
Learn more about Rubber Fab's GYLON® BIO-PRO PLUS™ gaskets and the additional productivity benefits this manufacturer gained.

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