GYLON BIO-PRO® Sanitary Gaskets in Pharmaceutical-grade Gelatin Manufacturing

A global manufacturer of pharmaceutical-grade gel caps faced various issues over the years when using both EPDM and PTFE sanitary gaskets. In both cases, contamination from gasket fragments frequently resulted in downtime, cleaning, and batch quarantine and disposal. 
The customer eventually discovered that the modified PTFE used in GYLON BIO-PRO® solved all of their issues with the features:
  • Compatibility with all processing and cleaning conditions
  • No need to re-torque
  • No process leaks
  • Easy installation process
  • Higher value than commodity gaskets
After converting the plant to Rubber Fab’s BIO-PRO sanitary gaskets, the customer experienced no further contamination incidents thanks to the gaskets’ reliable performance. Learn more about the challenges faced and the solutions reached for this pharmaceutical manufacturer.

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