With Rubber Fab’s Sani-Lock® you can convert any connection into a sanitary “quick-connection.” Sani-Lock® allows you to rapidly connect and disconnect fittings in any sanitary piping or sanitary hose system eliminating the cumbersome, time consuming and often clumsy process of installing a standard hinge clamp.

Sani-Lock® provides the ease and speed similar to standard industrial Cam-Lock systems while maintaining the integrity of a sanitary Tri-Clamp® connection. The snap-in-place locking arms of the Sani-Lock® secures a hose or pipe in place while automatically aligning the Tuf-Flex® gasket. In fact, the Sani-Lock® arms will not snap closed unless the correct size Tuf-Flex® gasket is in place and aligned. Get extra security by engaging the safety pins to prevent the arms from accidentally releasing if bumped.